PKB Highway/Traffic Engineering

Highway/Traffic Engineering

PKB Engineering personnel is committed to delivering solutions and services that ensure a safe and efficient transportation system to the communities that use them. Our firm provides a broad range of services for a wide range of transportation systems and facilities. Our engineers, including licensed Professional Engineers and certified PTOE staff, are committed to delivering infrastructure solutions and services that include studies, surveys, design, modeling, and preparation of contract documents for primary and secondary roadways, urban streets, street intersections, multi-level interchanges, and major highways.

Some of our transportation services include:
  • Bridge Design and Evaluation
  • Construction Services
  • Highway Design
  • Traffic Analysis, Capacity Analysis and Design Improvements
  • Traffic Simulation and Modeling
  • Transit System Improvements
  • Multi-Modal Transportation Analysis
  • Transportation Planning / Engineering / Design
  • ADA Compliant Traffic Designs
  • Traffic Signal and Control Systems
  • Street Lighting
  • MUTCD Compliant Signing and Striping Design
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails
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